I will keep this one short and sweet because it’s only been an issue for a couple days now.  On Wednesday afternoon I could not shake off this groggy feeling and needing to fall asleep. When the evening rolled around, my husband played a game and I unexpectedly fell asleep around 7 pm and woke up disoriented around 9 pm.  I tried to eat a late dinner, but the food was hard to go down, because I just wanted to lay my head back down.  Around 11pm I went back into the bedroom and fell fast asleep, waking up on/off through the night sweating.  About 6:45 I was up for the day.  I felt wobbly as I got out of bed and made it to the sofa to watch the morning news.  After a couple cups of coffee, I felt more energy and got ready for the day.  I figured that the day before was a fluke and this day would be different. Well it wasn’t.  Around 3:30 pm I fell asleep again this time opening my eyes occasionally with my heart pounding out of my chest.  My husband soon came home, and I was more alert.  I could hear my mom speaking to my husband letting him know that I’ve been sleeping and to keep an eye on me. She kept staring at me as if something was wrong.  This led me to panic and believe that there was something wrong with me.  My husband made a pot of coffee for me at 5:30 pm to help me stay awake.  I went on the internet and googled excessive sleepiness with SAH and VP shunt.  Many of the articles were medical studies and didn’t mean anything to me at that moment.  I found one from the Cleveland Clinic that pointed toward VP shunt malfunction.  Great, this is something that has worried me since the   device was placed.  So here I am wondering do I call the neurosurgeon and let her know what’s going on or do I skip some meds the next day to see if they are playing a role with my sleepiness.  Regardless, it’s rather scary to feel like I have narcolepsy.  I reached out to my fellow SAH and VP shunt folks and most of them eased my worry.  Apparently, this is normal, my body will often be tired. So, I googled more on the case and studies show excessive tiredness from SAH patients.  I surmise that I will give my body rest when it needs and not fret, however for the time being I will keep track of this.

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