Get Your Ducks in a Row: A List to Ensure Safety

Mobile Help: I know it seems weird to have one at a young age, however I’m not going to take any chances. My package included:

a. Alert bracelet

b. Alert intercom

c. GPS Tracker

d. Car Alert

e. Alert necklace- acts like an intercom on the stand

f. Key lock for EMT

1. Medical Alert Bracelet: I got a sleek minimalist bracelet with my name that shows I had SAH stroke, VP shunt and SVT. I read that it’s important to note that you have a VP shunt just in case something happens that require an MRI.

Emergency Card: I have everything listed about my medical history just in case I take a fall, or something happens. This will make it easy for physicians to understand my history.

Shower Safety: I have everything set so I can easily get in the shower and avoid the pressure. With a VP shunt, you can't have the shower head directly hit your shunt. I’ve moved my shower head down and use a washcloth to wash my hair.

Support System: I have gathered a group of people I can rely on for different issues. I can’t stress enough how important this is.

Get your Documents in Order: After my first surgery, I realized I needed to have my information accessible to my husband and family if something happened so they can take care of my affairs. I suggest an accordion folder with labels.

Travel Plans: Once I start to travel, I read that it’s a good idea to locate a facility equipped to handle your needs.

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