How Are You Doing?

I will be working on a blog and video piece about the question, "how are you doing?".

I have identified that:

  1. People who aren't a constant part of your orbit genuinely want to understand how you are progressing.

  2. People know something happened, but they want details.

  3. The people that lived through it with you can't handle you telling the story.

  4. When to be open and why

  • It's therapeutic to talk about

  • It may save someone's life

But when do we start stripping some layers away to not fully identify as a stroke victim? We are still the same person but altered by circumstances. It's important not to get wrapped up in that world, yet still be present. It's tricky to figure it out.

The other part that I'm working on is boundaries. I have encountered circumstances through the year that at first didn't bother me much but now it's weighing on me. If I'm feeling it, I'm sure all of you have felt it at some point in time.

I hope to have this large piece done by July, but thought I would drop a thought to let you know what I'm working on.

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