Keeping My Mind Busy

Since I have been home from the hospital, time travels slow. I knew I had to utilize this period to fundamentally regain my overall brain health.

So, I went to my reliable website, Amazon and searched for activities. There are so many options to choose from, so I went for options that I would generally not attempt.

Calligraphy books

Puzzles, Trivia, and Challenges (warning: take it easy on this one)

Word Search

Television Trivia

The Office Trivia Game

Cross Stitch Kit


I was tempted to buy a canvas and art supplies, but I figured by time I got it all set, I would get fatigue and walk away from it. My coloring device on my phone would suffice instead. Here is the art set just in case you want to take it on.


I wanted to learn another language, so I downloaded the app Duolingo. This started off easy but after time it would redirect me to recite information that I learned towards the beginning. I gave up because my mind couldn't retain the unfamiliar. I haven't given up Duolingo, however, I will go back to it when I feel stronger with my memory.

Alas, I decided to stick to other information that I am familiar with like healthcare. This is productive to prepare myself for my return to work. So I went on every website about the COVID19 changes.

Overall, all my purchases assist me with hand eye coordination and memory building. Here is list of other suggested activities: (best website)


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