Post-Stroke Depression Video blog

Updated: May 4, 2021

Emotions carry an insurmountable weight in our lives. So, what happens when it feels like you are losing control? Setback is an understatement because you want to be happy. To be candid, happiness is transcendental because situations arise that ensue undesirable emotions.

How do we tackle this? Mental health is a strenuous subject to speak about because admission that you are depressed or have anxiety can conceivably alter perception in the lens of other people. You may not have major depressive disorder or generalized anxiety disorder. Sometimes, emotions can be circumstantial as well. Yet, it’s a taboo subject that will continue to crumble the matrix of the mental health system.

The purpose of this video is medical trauma focused and more specific- stroke. This trauma carries a lot of emotional magnitude, yet we are left to our own devices to navigate what our emotions will look like. Below you will view my thoughts, what I want to do and some helpful tips. Any feedback is much appreciated.

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