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Updated: Oct 11, 2020

The last time my husband and I traveled was December of 2019 for our wedding. All travel plans placed on hold because of my two brain surgeries and COVID lockdowns. Feeling like you are a prisonor because of your health is not a digestible thought.

We've had our trip to Arizona planned since December. After several reschedules, we finally hopped on the plane for our much needed escape. I had some apprehension after the previous night experiencing an awful migraine and forgetting how to spell my last name. After time passed, I began to feel better, so I attribute that to the new migraine medication I was given. Next, I didn't know how flying would look. Would there be space for social distancing? The answer to that is no. Our plane was filled, yet I wasn't scared for some reason. In fact this is the first time I didn't have to fly without Xanax. So I am patting myself on my back. I will state my stroke fatigue set in so that was a plus, allowing me to fall asleep.

Once we landed, I rejoiced with the warm 100 degree weather. I thrive in the heat. Driving from the airport, it felt strange looking at the landscape since I'm use to grass and trees. Arizona is much different. Granted, I have just woken up after my first night, I'm excited what the next two days will look like.

Today should be more low key. Hanging out at the pool and then dinner plans. Saturday will be filled with sight seeing. I'm excited. Finally something to distract me from work and stroke life. Also, a gold star that I feel well enough to travel.

Overall, for any stroke survivor who was just come from the trenches of hell or are in a better place- find something to look forward to. If you are new, things will change in time. Life isn't over. If you are already accustomed, you know the yearning to break the monotony of the day or week. We need to allow grace and celebration. It has taken close to ten months, but the wait was well worth it.

Hopefully I'm able to capture more photos of our journey but I'm the type that wants to sink my surroundings internally and not worry about getting that perfect photo. Stay tuned to more updates via Instagram or if you don't follow me, feel free to friend request me on Facebook. I generally use Instagram as my main platform.

My next blog post is about viewing people with strokes. Some of us are affected in different ways. To some, you can physically look at someone and not tell, others you can. Learning to support one another even if you are just a friend, carries weight on that survivor. Words have an impact. Negative and non-supportive behaviors can make or break a day.

So, I leave you with my final piece of advice- live life how it m fits you. Find a way to celebrate it. It doesn't necessarily mean that you have to travel to another state. Life moves on and as you adapt and get better, finding this pieces to add to your messy puzzle helps.

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