Rebuilding My Health

My neurosurgeon told me that exercise was key to my recovery. She recommended eight weeks of physical therapy to assist me. As I was about to call, COVID19 monopolized healthcare and took away my therapy.  What was I to do? I was still going through infancy walking around like a newborn fawn when I got up.  I looked outside the window and the dreary cold weather didn’t promise many walking days either. Frustrated, I began to google physical therapy training and came across elastic bands.  I quickly ordered them, because I had to regain my strength back. 

Once the bands were delivered at my front step, I took them out, which were separated by different colors. I wondered, what do each of the colors means?  I looked through my bag and didn’t find instructions.  So, I randomly took out the yellow band and wrapped my foot around it and began to tug my legs back and forth. It was working! My legs started to feel like they were loosening up and not rigid.  I began to expand my leg workouts, but then retired them for a while because I got bored. In the back of my mind, I thought I need to work on my arms too. Again, that was also retired to the back of my mind.  Without anyone motivating me, it was easy to dump the band and sit back on the sofa like a potato.  

Finally, some warm air came to our city and my husband and I took full advantage of it. First, we took small walks around the block to get accustomed walking outside the confines our apartment. Once we accomplished this goal, we started going on longer walks along the trails.  It was felt so wonderful on the body and soul to move around, smell the fresh air and look at nature.  Everything rotten erased from my mind during those moments. As soon as we got home, I felt relaxed and was able to ease my way into the night.  

Kansas weather is bipolar, so those warm days quickly turned cold, and here I’m sitting on the sofa staring at those bands that I ordered again.  I grabbed one of them and did a few exercises and thought, ok this was easy, I will do this again the next day. Did it happen? No, I placed the band back on the floor so it could stare at me and remind me that I’m not doing what’s required. What I really need is a walk. I need the smell of fresh cut grass, the sound of the leaves on the trees waving into one another, the birds chirping, and the water from the creek moving along.

It dawned on me that the exercise that was imperative wasn’t mechanic like the bands, but it was exercise that reached my body and mind. So, I desperately wished winter to pass and warmer days to come and get me back to a healthy body and healthy mind. 

After writing this, Kansas bounced back to warm weather and we took full advantage of going for walks again. Therapeutic is the best word that can describe this. 

Next, I wanted to tackle my eating habits, which at best can be described like a child. I’m not giving my body enough nourishment to give me energy or recharge my brain. So, I did what any person does when browsing on social media; I stumbled across Daily Harvest. Hmmm, this looks easy enough and the ingredients fit my palate. So, I took a leap of faith and ordered my first box for the week. I’m excited for the opportunity to dive into box of food. Updates will come how Daily Harvest taste and if it’s worth paying per week. By the way, you get to pick which food items you want per week, which is a bonus to try different things.  

Here are a few samples in my first box:



Overall, part of recovery from a stroke is regaining your health back which involves exercise and good food choices.  So, I’m going to give myself a badge for this one for trying, and hopefully keep it up. 

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