Stroke & Mental Health Awareness Video Blog

It’s May which means it’s stroke and mental health awareness month. Mental health is an integral part of stroke recovery and sadly, it's stuck with you for life. It doesn't have to be a struggle even though the first round of emotions are. It gets easy!

I recorded three videos (with graphics!) that tap into:

  1. Mental health for stroke, medical trauma, or trauma survivors

  2. Seven stages of grief broken down with more detail followed by ways to mitigate when the force comes over you.

  3. Taking inventory on your day-to-day mental health by tackling areas that you struggle with. As you see it on paper, you are able to visualize what areas that need to be tackled. How did you overcome it? Start a running list to go back to when you feel like you are in a rut. Also, you can see that a bad moment doesn’t mean it was a bad day, week or month. Learn that it’s fleeting. I also tap on my current personal mental struggle I’m facing today.

Hopefully these video blogs help and you can refer back to them when you need that boost!

Below the video blogs, I have listed all the tools mentioned in the videos.

Mental Health & Stroke Awareness Part 1

Mental Health and Stroke Awareness: Seven stages of grief. Part 2

Mental and Stroke Awareness: Taking Inventory Part 3

Resources for Seven stages of grief: